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Domace Vino

In 2004 Domace Vino was established in St. Paul Minnesota with a mission to provide wine-lovers of Minnesota hand-crafted boutique wines. Since 2004 we have expanded our wine selection, covering some of the most interesting wine regions of Italy, Oregon, Washington State, and California.

About Domace

Our name Domace Vino comes from the Serbian language - my culture and heritage. It stands for \"home grown\" or \"domaine\" wines, reflecting my focus on small, family owned vineyards and wineries producing unique, high-quality wines. Thank you for visiting our site.

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Domace Vino Importing and Distribution

Domace Vino wines are available primarily in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area of Minnesota as well as a growing number of outstate areas. Most locations will have some of our products but usually not all. If you make a request they will usually be happy to order it from us and we can deliver to them in a matter of days.


A variety of images from Italy, Oregon, Washington State, California and (of course) Minnesota.