– Harvest by hand September 4 through October 5, 2007
– 48% Stone Corral Vineyard, 32% Wolff Vineyard, 6% Zuech, 14% Chorro Creek Vineyard
– Average juice analysis 25.0°
Brix, 6.1 T.A., 3.50 pH
– De-stemmed into two-ton and five-ton open top refrigerated fermentation tanks
– 14 Day cuvaison/skin contact;6 Day cold soak @ 55 °F, pumped over 1 time per day 8 Day fermentation, punched down 3 times per day, peak temperature 80 °F
– Aged in French oak barrels 16 months – 25% Tonnellerie François Frères, Sirugue,Mercurey and D’Aquitaine French Oak barrels, and 75% used barrels two to five years old
– Clarified by racking three times and a light filtration
– Wine analysis, 14.5% alcohol, 5.78 grams/liter T.A., 3.62 pH
– Bottled on April 14 and May 20, 2010
The Edna Valley is located on the south Central Coast of California a few miles southeast of the town of San Luis Obispo. The valley spans in an east-west orientation and is open to the Pacific Ocean to the west. It lies in Southern California at 34 degrees latitude and therefore receives a lot of intense sunlight from a “directly overhead” sun.
The climate is strongly influenced by regular summertime afternoon cool breezes from the ocean.
2008 was indeed a year of extremes on the Central Coast. There was a spring frost, then a short period in June when temperatures peaked above 100 °F, while a series of October freezes resulted in all-time lows in San Luis Obispo. This was the second drought year in a row, and there were brush fires throughout California.
This is a deeply colored, aromatic and rich Pinot Noir. The aromas are reminiscent of black cherries, plums, savory herbs and spicy clove; it is a medium to full bodied wine with complex Pinot Noir flavors and fine tannins.
1,031 cases produced

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