Riserva Chianti Colli Fiorentini DOCG

Blend: Sangiovese 90% and Cabernet Sauvignon 10%.
Description: Wine produced from a single vineyard. The might of a vineyard that does never give up, the soil is difficult to work but it enchants at every harvest.Aging of 12 months in barriques and further refining minimum one year in bottle.
Colour: Deep ruby red,tendent to garnet with ageing.
Bouquet: Red fruit, intense with hints of berry fruit and species.
Taste: Fruity with spicy hints, round, elegant and harmonious tannins.
Alcohol: 14%
Emotion: Fullness.
Curiosity: Since 2003 we have dicided to dedicate a label to this particular vineyard,that takes its name from an ancient “OAK TREE” just beside the filed.Sangiovese’s strenght and powerful Cabernet Sauvignon evolve and enhance their structure with min.5 years ageing from the harvest.
Serving suggestions: An especially good partner with grilled and roasted red meats and flavoured dishes.Serving temperature 18°-20°C.
Grapes from our vineyards: Oak tree vineyard.

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